Welcome to Shine Spa at the Sheraton Bursa

Shine Spa at the Sheraton Bursa Hotel, the place to find your glow! We give you the keys to a healthy lifestyle with the ultimate wellness and fitness experience.

Brighten Your Mood

Shine Spa is about letting your guard down and feeling good. Forget about sombre and silent spa experiences – we want you to feel at home to have a conversation, burst into laughter, or just relax. It’s luxury without the pretense.

Find Your Glow

Each treatment begins with a ritual foot wash, which gives your spa therapist a chance to connect with you and customize your Shine Spa experience. After your treatment, share the glow by leaving a note of gratitude or a joyful message on our glow board. Sharing the glow is an important part of the Shine philosophy. Bringing a friend or a loved one to the spa is a great way to show you care. Sharing novel, enjoyable experiences brings people together.

Enjoy the Moment

Shine Spa for Sheraton is the spa for people who love life, where “life enthusiasts” can relax and make the most of their trip.

Brighten your mood. find your glow. enjoy the moment. shine